I hope you will feel warm and welcomed here at my home on the Internet. I am making a space for you to be intrigued, entertained, enlightened, enraged even maybe. This is me, given to you. Let’s have a conversation.

My Other Sites

Gasperson.com is my main home base but I have several other sites that might interest you.

tinahdee.com is where I sell my handcrafted silver and gold rings; I design and make these rings just for you. I’ve been blessed to be a small part of hundreds of marriages around the world.

I also have a shop at tinahdee.etsy.com.

A selection of my professional writing credits is available at tinagasperson.contently.com

My personal blog resides at tinagasperson.com (warning: not for the faint of heart or the politically correct)

My husband and I sell aquatic plants at aquaticgreenhouse.com

He also has a personal blog at daringasperson.com



About Me

I never relish writing a bio. Who am I supposed to be? How do I explain that? I can hardly understand it myself.

If I look at it from the perspective of my functions and/or purpose, firstly I am a wife. It gets much easier as I get older to see that my purpose over the last 27 years has been as a friend and uplifter to my husband. What a privilege it is to be the closest person to someone; to be the one that someone else turns to in everything. This is what I get to do as my husband’s wife and it is truly a blessing.

I have been and continue to be a mother to five amazing humans. I’m not convinced that I have been the best mother they could have had but I am the mother they received and there is a reason for that. I have always done what I believed at the time was right, and what I was capable of doing with the tools at my disposal. Over the years I believe my understanding of “right” has expanded, along with the quality of tools in my toolbox. Becoming a better mother is great, but the knowledge my improvement brings, that I could have done so much better in the past, is humbling. I’m grateful to my kids for being so forgiving of my foibles and so gracious in sharing their love with me. I am over the moon proud of each one of them.

Other than that, I’m just a journeyer, searching for the truth and what it means to be a human being. I believe in something bigger than myself and I’m relieved to know that this universe is not just floating around out there unmanned, accidental, chaotic, dying. There is someone at the helm that we can count on to eventually make everything right, to straighten out the crazy so that we can finally see things from another perspective and understand and maybe even laugh at ourselves a bit.

I have three non-negotiables each day that help me to be a happy person.

  1. move my body. I am a believe in the 10k steps principle and I try to get a lot more than that. I like to go for long walks, like 5 or 6 miles or maybe even sometimes up to 8 miles. It clears my head and grounds me.
  2. eat right. For me this means cutting out sugar and refined carbs, eating plenty of fresh fruit (I should eat more vegetables too), and enough protein.
  3. write something meaningful. It’s more than just journaling or morning pages that I dash off as quickly as possible. It has to come out of my heart and share some truth that I can then digest.

I don’t always live up to my non-negotiables. And that’s when I end up unhappy. As I get older I am trying to be kinder to myself, to go out of my way to give myself what I need, so that I can give my family and friends what they need.